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Doctor Visits at Home

Increasingly, Doctors visits are moving to Telemedicine, especially during Covid-19. Ready2Nurse partners with you and your Doctor in Telemedicine.
We can coordinate our Home Health Care visits with your primary Physician or Specialist using HIPPA approved telemedicine platforms. With our help and if your Physician is willing, we will schedule your Home Health Visit during your pre-arranged Telemedicine visits with your doctor. This takes care coordination to the next level using both modern technology and the personal touch of an in-home doctor’s visit.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Ready2Nurse embraces emerging technologies that improve health outcomes and potentially saves lives. We are partnering with and evaluating many remote monitoring solutions that use smart devices that keep patients connected with health professionals. Chronic conditions such as Diabetes & Hypertension can be monitored, and real time intervention can be taken when necessary. Life can become easier for people with chronic conditions to stay healthy.