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CAREERS DETAILS - Patient Coordinator

Job Description

Ready2Nurse is a startup home health agency filled with potential! The founder is not only an experienced Stanford trained Family Nurse Practitioner but also has a mission to energize the traditional home health approach! Our care plan is designed to be disease specific and supports healthy aging to promote longevity and improve quality of life.


• Intake and review referrals to determine if patients meet Medicare eligibility for home health services
• Input referral information into EHR system, including orders, patient’s demographics and medical course of treatment
• Confirm visits completed per clinician for the previous week for documenting frequency
• Review weekly schedules from each clinician for the following week to provide patient reminders
• Be knowledgeable of patient documentation and requirements for discharges and recertification
• Identify payer information and verify home health coverage
• Communicate with physicians to follow up regarding certification for home health services as required
• Relay information regarding orders and services to patients/families
• Ensure any hospitalizations and transfer documentation is inputted by clinicians
• Assist with scheduling and maintaining clinicians’ calendars to provide appropriate care
• Follow up with hospital or facility case managers and/or social workers to ensure that patients appropriately transition with home health orders when discharged
• Obtain and maintain required home health authorizations as needed
• Place orders for supplies including DMEs as needed
• Maintain the on-call calendar on a monthly basis
• Collects and maintains statistical data on all referrals and admissions, and reports information daily, weekly, monthly, and as requested
• Assist with billing documentation, online transmittal, and follow up on pending claims with Medicare and commercial payers
• Visit patients’ residences to provide and collect information if families do not communicate well via email
• Performs other tasks as assigned

Job Conditions

• Be tech-savvy with experience in Microsoft suite of products, insurance online portals, referral online portals, and EHR systems
• Position is stressful in terms of meeting deadlines. Must prioritize work effectively and be acceptably productive.
• Requires a pleasant and cheerful demeanor and an attitude of helpfulness while encountering stressful situations. Will be required to effectively and efficiently carry out the duties of this position.
• Must have excellent phone etiquette and ability to establish rapport with diverse patients and families. Answer telephone lines promptly and efficiently. Respond to message content appropriately; disseminates information to the appropriate persons
• Participate in agency’s quality improvement program
• Interact collaboratively with all team members
• Maintain confidentiality of patient and agency information at all times
• Must be attentive to detail and be able to follow standard procedures
• Be able to work independently on a broad variety of projects


• Preferably candidate has obtained AA degree or higher
• A minimum of 2 years of working in medical office, facility, or hospital
• Must pass a criminal background check


• Be a part of a team making a meaningful, positive impact for others! We truly value and appreciate the effort and compassion our team members put forth to care for others
• Continuing education and job training
• Compensation ranges from $15.00 to $20.00 per hour
• All full-time positions provide health, dental and vision benefits, 401k plan, and paid vacations after qualifying

Job Type: Full-time, Part-time
Salary: $15.00 to $20.00 /hour