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Avenidas 2019 Caregiver Conference: “Caregiving Re-Imagined”

Ready2Nurse is proud to sponsor and participate in the Avenidas 2019 Caregiver Conference: “Caregiving Re-Imagined.” September 20th is the last day to take advantage of their Early Bird Registration Special. You can register online in the link below or call (650) 289 – 5445 for more information. We hope to see you there!


Our First Open House!

We held our first Open House event for our care team this past weekend and were delighted that many of our care team members were able to attend. Agency achievements were shared, such as our recent accreditation by ACHC. Ready2Nurse has made incredible strides forward in the past few months, and we could not have done it without all of our wonderful team members. We discussed our plans for the future as care providers and as an agency. Each team member beamed with positivity energy and compassion. An observer of the event mentioned how different the atmosphere was among the care team compared to many other companies. Our care team truly cares about patients’ quality of care and quality of life. We strive not only to accomplish medical goals but also patients’ self-indicated goals. As we grow as an agency, we aim to continue to help one family at a time with dignity and respect for the whole person.



Connecting with Future Caregivers

The gracious director of Evergreen Valley College’s Certified Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide Program Dr. Elaine Kafle gave Ready2Nurse founder Amy Wang and I the opportunity to present to her students last week. Amy has been a preceptor for Stanford’s Physician Assistant program for the past 11 years, and I currently co-instruct a graduate level school psychology course at California State University, East Bay. We truly value pursuing education and having a mindset of a lifelong learner. Speaking about our past experiences and giving advice about caring for each individual as a person and not a task to be checked off was greatly rewarding in itself. We were blown away by the kindness and gratitude from Dr. Kafle and her students. They sent us a lovely thank you card that was really affirming. In our line of home health work, we strive to support patients and create positive moments with them. Empathy and compassion are vital to be successful in building rapport with others and providing exceptional care. We hope to continue to influence the next generation of caregivers to carry the same principals in their work.

Ready2Nurse is licensed!

Ready2Nurse is licensed! Now, we have Home Care Organization License Number 43470014 and Home Health Agency License Number 5500043470. We are so excited to have these licenses to serve our community and help improve the lives of patients.

Our journey to obtain these two licenses had its ups and downs, but throughout this experience one aspect was prominent: the love and support from family, friends, R2N team, community members, and industry partners. Visits from our network of cheerleaders brightened our days. Thank you very much to all of those who encouraged and advised us! Although the positive vibes and cheer were more than enough, we also greatly appreciate the lovely paintings, flowers, plants, delectable delights, and handmade doggie beds gifted to our agency!

Our First Training Day!

Ready2Nurse has begun hiring and contracting with tremendously talented caregivers and service providers. Speaking with so many compassionate individuals through the interview process has been quite refreshing and energizing. With a team of hard working professionals who truly are invested in making connections, building relationships, and helping others, we will create a dynamic shift in the perception of home health care and have meaningful moments with clients.

Our First Training Day!

Today marks another baby step towards our mission; we facilitated our first training day! One of the foundational values of Ready2Nurse is encouraging continuing education for all staff members. We hope to foster the love of learning in our team members and want them to be knowledgeable of the current evidence based recommendations for care as the healthcare field is constantly progressing. Every team member who participated in the training day left with several new gems of knowledge. For instance, various common household objects such as loose rugs and cords in walkways or placement of light sources or switches are easily overlooked on a daily basis but may be significant fall risk factors. As falls are the leading cause of injuries for elderly individuals, it is salient for all care and service providers to be aware of fall risks and how to support fall prevention. More information about fall prevention may be found in Fall Prevention Facts on the National Council on Aging’s website.

In addition to learning about safety and fall prevention, we discussed other topics such as the importance of caregiver wellbeing and communication. Ready2Nurse will provide regular trainings for our staff and opportunities for specialists to share their expertise with other staff members. As we cover more topics, I am excited to continue growing and learning together with my colleagues.