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Our First Training Day!

Ready2Nurse has begun hiring and contracting with tremendously talented caregivers and service providers. Speaking with so many compassionate individuals through the interview process has been quite refreshing and energizing. With a team of hard working professionals who truly are invested in making connections, building relationships, and helping others, we will create a dynamic shift in the perception of home health care and have meaningful moments with clients.

Our First Training Day!

Today marks another baby step towards our mission; we facilitated our first training day! One of the foundational values of Ready2Nurse is encouraging continuing education for all staff members. We hope to foster the love of learning in our team members and want them to be knowledgeable of the current evidence based recommendations for care as the healthcare field is constantly progressing. Every team member who participated in the training day left with several new gems of knowledge. For instance, various common household objects such as loose rugs and cords in walkways or placement of light sources or switches are easily overlooked on a daily basis but may be significant fall risk factors. As falls are the leading cause of injuries for elderly individuals, it is salient for all care and service providers to be aware of fall risks and how to support fall prevention. More information about fall prevention may be found in Fall Prevention Facts on the National Council on Aging’s website.

In addition to learning about safety and fall prevention, we discussed other topics such as the importance of caregiver wellbeing and communication. Ready2Nurse will provide regular trainings for our staff and opportunities for specialists to share their expertise with other staff members. As we cover more topics, I am excited to continue growing and learning together with my colleagues.

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