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5-Star Review from Bradley

This is the first time I have ever provided review of any sort on Yelp. Of course it’s not that I have not encountered service worthy of mention (positive and negative) to date or a recent user of Yelp (at least the past six years). My review owed to the fact that READY2NURSE and, more specifically AMY WANG absolutely define the ideal of patient care.

I recently suffered a pretty significant traumatic motorcycle collision during which time I required the services of home health care. AMY and associated nursing staff (SHEILA who is also absolutely awesome!) assumed the rather daunting task of managing my home health care needs. To be fair, a competent nurse could provide the routine administration of IV antibiotics, dressing changes and lab draws dictated under my treatment plan. However…

AMY WANG is an exceptional practitioner (I know them when I see them as the son of a father who is a surgeon and a mother who is a career RN and my own experience as a field paramedic). I value and respect those who understand the importance of being competent and skilled at your craft. I value even more those who do so in healthcare (and public safety work – thank you!) as lives literally hang in the balance. However, I also expect competence as a baseline. AMY is beyond competent. She is efficient and clearly very skilled and beyond well versed in the clinical aspects of her craft. AMY is literally the person that I would want to train any nurse unlucky enough to draw the short straw of having to provide my care. She is that good.

What truly set AMY and SHEILA apart is the very hard to quantify aspect of relating to the patient. They could not be better!!! From the first visit, I felt at ease and well cared for. AMY took the time to explain my treatment plan and the interventions and routine that she and SHEILA would be providing with a level of interest that, to this moment, amazes me. AMY literally recited information from my patient care record (lengthy and complex would be a significant understatement) with aplomb and understanding. My words do little justice to the fact that she memorized my records and overlaid the information into her treatment plan to provide an informed and cohesive sense of how things should go and what WE could expect going forward with my treatment. My use of “we” (with emphasis) was intended. Another incredible observation about her… I always felt like AMY was right there, one hundred percent, as my advocate and to insure that I knew I was not alone. AMY took the time and considerable effort to engage, explain and train my wife in becoming a partner in my care as well, quite literally to the point that she (my wife) has expressed an interest in the nursing field. Again, AMY is THAT GOOD!

Clearly I could go on about the quality of care that I received from AMY and SHEILA. They absolutely define the market and understand that relating to and understanding your patient is integral in successful management of care. I can’t begin to express how impressed and humbled I am by the care provided under AMY and SHEILA’s watch. In medicine the standard that most practitioners proffer is that they would want to provide a level of care that would be permissible to offer a parent or loved one. I certainly expect that as a standard both in giving care and receiving it. AMY… you have set that bar even higher. I now have a new standard… “I want the level of care that AMY provides!”

I could not recommend a service or individuals more!


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