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Coming Together As a Community

One small action may seem insignificant but in truth can have a remarkable impact. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are getting daily reminders of the role each individual plays in society, and the synergistic effect our decisions and actions can have. Choosing to follow with the shelter-in-place order and practice social distancing helps with the current health crisis we are facing as a community. We are living in ambiguous and uncertain times, which often can create fear and anxiety. Despite all of this, we also are witnessing great compassion and generosity of the human spirit. Ready2Nurse Home Health Agency is a budding startup agency, and we truly are grateful for our community for stepping up to provide assistance in various ways. For example, Charlotte Pang, who has been a constant supporter of our mission from the beginning, donated protective masks that she sewed to help our staff stay safe as we continue to care for our patients. She also donated masks to local hospitals. Although this pandemic has brought about many horrible situations, there are bright points amidst the darkness with individuals coming together as a community to do what we can to support one another.

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