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Sharing How to Manage Essential Hypertension

Ready2Nurse is continuing our ongoing health talk series at the Villages—sharing the latest research and recommendations for essential hypertension wellness management. The Villages is a delightful 55+ Silicon Valley residential community in San Jose, CA, offering a stunning array of leisure, relaxation, exercise and educational activities for residents. We thank them for welcoming us into their beautiful community.

At our most recent presentation, Amy Wang, FNP-C, PA-C, enjoyed engaging with some familiar faces and discussing pragmatic steps to improving heart health! Our discussion addressed residents’ shared concerns about medication management, blood pressure measurement guidelines, nutrition, and other health complications.

Here are some take-aways for better heart health management!

– Shop locally for groceries to ensure meals are healthy and fresh!

– Partake in 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily—some of the classes residents enjoyed at the Villages were line dancing, jazzercise, and tai chi.

– Get a full night of sleep by sticking to a regular sleep routine.

All in all, listening to residents’ stories helped shed light into the everyday challenges that seniors face, as well as just how resilient the human spirit is when facing multiple comorbidities. Ready2Nurse is sincerely grateful for the Villages Medical Auxiliary Resident Services Coordinator, Cristina Freyer, LMFT, for allowing us the opportunity, VMA volunteer Lorretta for assisting with workshop space and materials arrangement, media specialist John for setting up our technology, and all residents for their detailed questions and participation in our health talk.

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