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Teaching the Community About Diabetes

Today, Ready2Nurse was fortunate to have the opportunity to share up-to-date research and recommendations regarding Type 2 Diabetes and lifestyle management as per the latest guidelines from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists at the Villages, a lovely 55+ Silicon Valley community in San Jose, CA. Amy Wang, FNP-C, PA-C shared the most recent standards regarding A1C, complications related to diabetes, necessary preventative visits, immunizations, and lifestyle. We were blessed to have an engaged group of educated residents who shared their personal stories and asked thought-provoking questions. We were thrilled to have such an open forum to discuss and share key points to assist seniors to better manage various life factors related to diabetes. For example, people who have diabetes are recommended to have visits with their primary care physicians, podiatrists, and ophthalmologists annually. Our audience was fantastic with asking clarifying questions, such as if visits with the podiatrist and ophthalmologists should happen after a negative change was noticed or beforehand. We emphasized the importance of preventative practices and salience of regular visits every year to catch signs and symptoms before negative exacerbations of symptoms occur. Ready2Nurse truly appreciates awesome Villages Medical Auxiliary Resident Services Coordinator Cristina Freyer LMFT who allowed us to have this opportunity, media specialist Danny who helped to set up our technology, and all the wonderful residents who braved the cold morning mist to participate in our health talk!

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